Hi there and welcome to Carson Fosters. We are a small, local volunteer group who specialize in finding local foster homes for Carson Shelter dogs and cats. We are not affiliated with Carson Animal Care Center (a.k.a. Carson Shelter) in Gardena, CA. in any way.

Animal rescue groups seldom have brick and mortar premises with kennels anymore. This has resulted in the need for volunteer foster homes where rescued dogs and cats can be safe, loved, and taken care of until a permanent home can be found for them. Fostering has become the backbone of animal rescue. Most rescues pay for food and veterinary care for the foster dog, some pay for all of the dog’s needs. For more information on what fostering is all about and what is expected of you as a foster parent, please see our fostering page.

How Carson Fosters Works:

A potential foster completes our online application here:


Once the completed questionnaire has been received, it is passed to our experienced rescue advocates for them to find a rescue to back the dog/cat and foster. The application is sent out to animal rescues who the advocate thinks would be a good match with the foster and the animal the foster has chosen or the dog or cat that has been suggested for them. Finding a rescue willing to back the dog can take quite a while at times, so patience is needed during this phase.

When a rescue steps up they will contact the foster and arrange to do a home check. The home check is a necessary part of the process and is designed to ensure the home is dog safe, dog-friendly, and to determine what will be needed. This is also a good time for the foster to ask all their questions and vice versa.

Assuming the foster passes the home check, the rescue will then arrange to pull the dog from the shelter, have the dog vetted, and either arrange to meet to hand-off the dog/cat or drop off the dog to the foster.

For general information on fostering and what it entails, please visit our Fostering page. Please see our FAQ page which will answer most of your questions. Should you have any questions that are not covered on our FAQ page, please do email us at CarsonFosterS@gmail.com.

If you would like to be considered as a foster parent, please complete our application here:


Fostering dogs or cats is a temporary commitment but it is still a commitment. Please bear this in mind when applying to be a foster parent.

Here is a link to an example of what fostering is all about. Do you remember Mama Jolie? Today her name is JOJO and she is thriving in her foster home. The difference between her in the shelter and after a short time with her foster family is like night and day. JOJO is one of the lucky ones, there are lots of other dogs in need of fosters. https://vimeo.com/255184719


Carson Fosters is sponsored by:

More Information

Carson Fosters is not the shelter. We are strictly local, covering LA, OC, San Bernadino, and Riverside Counties. We have very limited resources so please note that applications from any other areas will not be processed.

We do not send out adoption applications. You should contact Carson Shelter for up-to-date information on a dog or information about adoption, fees, or medical, please call the shelter at 310-523-9566 #5 #2 #2. Be prepared to wait for an answer. :)) The shelter will not adopt dogs out of the state/country, they do not ship dogs, or take credit card payments over the phone.


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